article Fall 2023

C-Motive’s New Electric Avenue

Electric motors have relied on the same fundamental technology for nearly two centuries until two UW-Madison Electrical Engineering graduate students returned to one of Benjamin Franklin’s early designs. In 2009, Dan Ludois was a UW-Madison Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate student. In the laboratory of Giri Venkataramanan, he spent his Friday afternoons attending seminars held […]

article Fall 2022

 Easy Does It

Wisconsin Engineer sits down with computer sciences student Xiaohan Shen to talk about the software he designed for EasyJobs, a one-click Chrome extension that autofills multiple job applications simultaneously. Q: What gave you the idea to create an automatic way for interns to track job applications? Were you starting as an intern yourself? A: That’s […]

article Spring 2022

Engineered Intention: UW-Madison’s First Woman Engineer Pursued Her Degree on Principle

Emily Hahn recalls in her memoir No Hurry to Get Home the act of rebellion that made a place for all women in the College of Engineering at UW-Madison. Though nearly fifty years had passed since women received full coeducational status at UW-Madison in 1875, an unspoken ceiling remained over the College of Engineering until […]