article Spring 2022

The TEAM Lab Resurfaces after Flood

Find out how the TEAM Lab went from a massive flood to fully functional in the past two years. On February 4th, 2020, a water main break occurred on Henry Mall. This water flowed into the underground steam tunnels that emptied to the lowest point on the Engineering Campus. That lowest point was the location […]

article Fall 2020

Why the Engineer Fountain ACTUALLY Doesn’t Work

Faulty jets? Leaky pipes? Not enough water in Madison? Find out the real reason why the Descendant’s fountain doesn’t work. Why, on a campus full of engineers, is there a fountain that does not spray water? I sat down (virtually) with Dean Ian Robertson to find out. The Descendant’s Fountain, or Máquina (Spanish for machine) […]

article Fall 2019

Producing Plastics from Plants

A UW-Madison group hopes to transform the plastics industry by developing a plant-based plastic. What started in the 1970s as a hunt for a “critter” that could clean areas contaminated by hydrocarbons has turned into a research project that could forever change the plastics industry. UW-Madison’s Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC), funded by the […]