article Spring 2024

 ChatGPT: Genius, Charlatan, or Threat?

Explore the impacts of recent advancements in artificial intelligence! Quietly simmering and developing for years, artificial intelligence (AI) entered the global stage with the release of ChatGPT in November 2022. AI permeates many facets of modern society, ranging from production to development and education. While its potential to enhance efficiency and innovation is undeniable, the […]

article Fall 2023

A Peek at Recent Enrollment Trends in Engineering and the Humanities 

Machines or Mercurial Philosophers: Why Students Choose to Study the Former College enrollment trends ebb and flow with various societal, economic, and cultural changes. Within the landscape of higher education, two distinct areas often experience significant fluctuations in enrollment: humanities and engineering. While humanities programs explore the breadth of human expression and thought, engineering and […]