article Fall 2022

The Challenges of Women in STEM and How to Confront Them: A Propelling Women in Power Podcast Review

This podcast by two undergraduate UW-Madison students highlights the experiences of women professionals in STEM and discusses how to overcome the obstacles of a field riddled with sexism. As society progresses, women’s impact in science and technology has become more prevalent and accepted. Although there has been progress, the progression of women in STEM has […]

article Spring 2022

People of College of Engineering

A look into the everyday lives of engineering students at UW-Madison. Engineering Hall is a bustling environment filled with all kinds of students—some studying with friends, some killing time before their next class, others stressfully cramming for exams. Overall, these students have one thing in common: striving for academic success. Students from all over the […]

article Spring 2021

NIH and the Racial Disparities in Academia

In the field of research, the most innovative and groundbreaking ideas from scientists of diverse backgrounds are trumped by the harmful grievances of their white counterparts. In academic medicine in the U.S., Black scientists are inexcusably underrepresented by about 6-fold. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the largest research institute in America. While they […]