article Fall 2016

Where Should I Study Today?

By Hanwook Chung

“When midterm season starts, it’s almost like a war!” says one of the engineering students who failed to find study spaces on engineering campus.

As the home turf of more than 8,000 engineering students, the engineering campus could be one of the toughest places to found a good study spot when midterm season comes around. Although Wendt library, the only engineering library, offers a variety of resources from tutoring to a writing center, it is infamous for its limited study space. Many students believe that Engineering Campus is full of lecture halls but not enough study spaces for students. So when Wendt is full, most students are forced to study at their own homes or somewhere far away. Contrary to popular belief, however, the engineering campus actually offers a lot of study spaces. They may be hidden or may seem to be unavailable but they are there! Here are five study spots in engineering campus of which you might not have known before:

1. Engineering Hall

Most students know that they can study at the Engineering Hall lounge on the first floor. However, what many people don’t know is that the empty lecture halls and classrooms are waiting to be occupied by students after all the lectures are done. Although the building closes relatively early, it only locks from the outside. So if you make sure to be in the building on time, you can study as long as you can in an isolated and quiet setting!

2. Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering building has so many lecture halls that it doesn’t seem like it has much space for studying. However, there are hidden tables and chairs throughout the whole building. Also, just like Engineering Hall, you can occupy any empty lecture rooms and computer labs when no classes are being held.

3. Engineering Center Building (ECB)

ECB is the building that has the most to offer in the engineering campus, however, not many students utilize the space and resources that can be found there. ECB not only has study tables in each floor, but also has CAE computer labs hidden throughout the first and second floors that are nearly empty most of the time.

4. Union South

Union South is a beautiful place that is favored by many students of various majors. It’s a great spot for engineering students to take advantage of because the location is right across the street from the engineering campus. Apart from boasting a plethora of tables and study spaces, Union South also is home to multiple grand pianos that anyone is welcome to play.

5. Wisconsin Institute of Discovery (WID)

WID is arguably the most beautiful building on the whole UW campus. It is very convenient that this building is adjacent to the engineering campus just like Union South. WID doesn’t offer much seating space, but once you get a seat, WID offers one of the best studying atmospheres. The interior is decorated with trees and vegetation, and pleasant back ground sounds emanate from water fountains and chimes.

These five spots are favored by many different students. However, these are not the only study spaces in Engineering Campus other than Wendt library. In order to succeed in college, it is important to know what classes to take or professors that fit you. But it is also important to know where to study and that you have options to choose from different places.

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