About The Wisconsin Engineer

Publishing great engineering content for over 118 years.


The Wisconsin Engineer is published four times yearly in September, November, February, and April by the Wisconsin Engineering Journal Association. It has been in print since 1896. Subscription is $12 for one year.

The Wisconsin Engineer magazine is published by and for students at UW-Madison. Philosophies and opinions expressed in this magazine do not necessarily reflect those of the College of Engineering and its management. All interested students have an equal opportunity to contribute to this publication.

The group meets every other Wednesday night at 7:00 PM in the Tong Auditorium, located in the Engineering Centers Building. For more info mail us at wiscengr at cae dot wisc dot edu (replace dots with periods).

All material in this publication is copyrighted. We are a member of the Associated Collegiate Press. Our faculty advisor is Professor Steven Zwickel, and our publisher is American Printing Co.

Our Fall 2014 Staff:

Graphic Design: Magaret Butzen, Brent Grimm, Jing Li, James Mai, Tom McAdams Jessica Thomas, Cassidy Schenider

Photography: Jason Chan, Nathaniel Corey, Jolene Enge, Matt Hendricks, Sakura Kawano, Margarita Labik, Joanna Lee, Viara Loteer, Catie Qi, Cody Schuartz, Heather Shoemaker, Evan Verploegh

Business: Matt Gullixson, Tyler Libbey, Paul Miller, Shane Murphy, Melvin Ong, Brendan Pittman, Zuf Wang

Writing: Alex Belich, Ryan Breon, Alex Chay, Brandon Grill, Anastasia Montgomery, Jacob Peterson, Stephen Schwartz, Jon Smet, Zach White, Brian Zhou, Rick Zuern, Brett Adkins, Brian Paulus, Jessica Thomas, Mikaela O’Keefe, Matt Latuszek, Nathan Frair

Web: Sam Calmes Mitch Samuels

Copy Editor: Taylor Lauzon

Faculty Advisor: Steven Zwickel

Meet the Staff


Nick Schoenheider


Nick is currently a junior studying Industrial Engineering. He hopes to someday go on to get his MBA and own his own business. Sundays in Fall are his favorite time of the year due to his passion for football. The Green Bay Packers are the greatest thing to happen to this world, and if you feel otherwise he will label you as an outcast and make fun of you. (Just kidding, but seriously hey are the best). Aside from this, he enjoys hunting, biking, camping, and anything outdoors. He hopes someday to live in Colorado. Sports are also another passion of his. He enjoys playing basketball at the SERF and golfing on the local courses in town. Some things on his bucket list include going to a Masters, US Open, and Writer Cup.


Jon Miller


Jon is currently a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering and also pursing a Certificate of Business. Originally from Hartland, WI, Jon loves being outdoors and on the lake (well at least during the summer). Playing lacrosse, golfing, and watching TV series such as House of Cards and That’s 70 Show are also some of his favorite things to do. Jon joined the magazine staff last semester and it is now his first semester as a co-head of advertising.


Justin Alt


Justin is currently a sophomore studying Biomedical Engineering and also pursuing a Certificate of Technical Communication. When he has an ounce of free time, Justin enjoys hanging out with his friends or watching his favorite TV show, Bones. Sports are also a big part of his life. Born and raised in Whitefish Bay, WI, Justin grew up cheering on the Packers, Badgers and Brewers, and now works on the Brewers Grounds Crew. He joined the magazine as a writer in the spring of 2013, and is now in his first semester as a head in the writing department.


Charlie Duff


Charlie is in his senior year and happy that it’s not his last at UW-Madison as he will take a victory lap and graduate next year. He studies Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics and is getting a certificate in International Engineering. Last semester he spent in Valencia, Spain studying abroad and hasn’t accepted the fact that he is back in the States. This makes things challenging since he keeps speaking Spanish to everyone. Someday he might snap back to reality. He enjoys traveling, playing soccer, watching the two greatest football teams ever (the Packers and Badgers, of course), longboarding, eating ice cream on the terrace, and a nice pair of slacks. In the future he wants to get involved in green, renewable energy and in the far future teach calculus in a high school because he loves calculus too much to leave it out of his life for too long.


Alyssa Hantzsch


Alyssa is a junior majoring in chemical engineering with certificates in technical communication and international engineering. She hails from Baraboo, Wisconsin, the land of milk and honey and circus elephants. Although Alyssa has recently found free time to be pretty dang elusive, you occasionally might spot her playing piano and jamming out with friends, frolicking in the great outdoors, blowing all her savings on concert tickets, or traveling the world with a big ole backpack.


Alex Steinhauer


Alex is a second year Mechanical Engineering student from Reedsburg, WI (it’s by the Dells). He joined the photography staff as a freshman and now heads the department. When he’s not looking at photos for the magazine he can usually be found at just about any concert due to his love of music. If not there, try checking the student section on Saturdays cheering on the Badgers.


Abby Schaefer


Abigail is a junior studying interior design, and hoping to own her own business at some point. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Abigail has that borderline unhealthy love for the Midwest but hopes to end up on the east coast after school. You can find her most days in her studio, playing with power tools, or at every free art Friday at the union. Every once in a while you can even find her SAFEWalking around campus orange jacket and all.


Ryan Krull

Graphic Design

Ryan is a junior majoring in Electrical Engineering from Oregon, WI. This is his second semester serving as head of Graphic Design. He hopes to apply his skills in the health care side of engineering. If he’s not studying or doing homework, he just watches paint dry for fun.


James DeBano

Graphic Design

James is a senior studying Electrical Engineering and Technical Communications and has been involved with the magazine since sophomore year. He is originally from Oregon Wi (just south of Madison) and has been born and raised a Badger. When he’s not working on the magazine or at his job at the DoIT Help Desk, James enjoys playing soccer, ultimate frisbee, and disc golf with his friends, and also enjoys camping, hiking, and canoeing.


Becca Aronson


Becca Aronson is a junior in Mechanical Engineering. Despite her tendency towards equations and CAD software, she often day dreams about conducting SERIOUS BUSINESS with the Wisconsin Engineering Magazine and as a result is one the business heads of this magazine. In her spare time she tends to gravitate towards watching old reruns of Cheers under her Packer snuggie or pulling out her Bob Dylan vinyls whilst knitting multicolored socks.


William Meyers


I am currently a junior who is undecided between Operations and Technology Management (OTM) and Economics, I am also pursing a Technical Communications certificate. I hope to someday get an MBA and acquire some type of management position within a watercraft production firm. I am from Saint Cloud, MN and a devote Minnesota Vikings fan. In my spare time I like to work out, listen to Frank Sinatra & Armin Van Buuren, ski, water sports, and DJ. I joined the magazine in spring 2014 and as a business head hope to bring many new ideas on how to make the magazine more profitable and well known on campus.


Justin Russo


Justin is a currently a senior studying Computer Engineering and Computer Science and trying very hard to balance the both of them! When his head isn’t in an engineering textbook, he like to spend his time hanging out with friends, singing, playing games (video or otherwise), and enjoy a good cup of coffee.