article Fall 2023

Badger Solar Racing: To the Sun

After facing the cancellation of their first competition, Badger Solar Racing, an engineering student organization, recently competed for the first time, now excited to compete in many more. The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the lifestyle of all college students, canceling, postponing, and restructuring events and activities critical to the college experience. Many events never returned in […]

article Spring 2022

Engineering Communities at UniverCity

UniverCity Alliance, a program that allows communities across Wisconsin to connect with faculty and students from a wide range of disciplines at UW-Madison, exemplifies the increasing importance of bridging the gap between social issues and engineering. When people think about engineering, often the first things that come to mind are exceedingly technical: building things made […]

article Spring 2023

Becoming an Engineer Across the Pond

Choosing to study abroad, especially for UW-Madison engineering students who are already pursuing challenging degrees, can be a difficult choice to make. Now that I’ve taken the leap, here’s why I think that you should, too. Studying abroad had been an idea floating in the back of my mind for much of my career as […]

article Fall 2022

Baja SAE: Building Connections and Cars with Automotive Engineering

Most engineering students at UW-Madison have some grasp of the importance of extracurriculars, especially when it comes to finding real-world experience that will prove beneficial in the job market. In fact, there are over 50 engineering-specific organizations scattered around campus, vying for their next new member. However, while there are several clubs that focus on […]