Lucky Bucky: Babcock Hall Dairy Store to Debut St. Paddy’s Day Flavors

By Margaret Donnell

UW-Madison is known far and wide for the production of the campus’s very own Babcock ice cream. Students and faculty alike take pleasure in the delicious variety of flavors offered at many locations, ranging from dorm dining halls to student unions. As most people know, March is the month of the Irish holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. From leprechauns to Shamrock Shakes, the “Irish spirit” will soon be all over. This year, the food scientists at the Babcock production facility on Linden Drive have been hard at work creating their own tribute to St. Paddy’s Day. Babcock Dairy is excited to present its latest creation: St. Patrick’s Day ice cream flavors.

According to head of production, Jo King, “Seasonal ice cream flavors are typically a big hit. Pumpkin pie and caramel apple were especially popular this past winter … so why not ring in St. Patrick’s with its very own feature flavors?”

King’s production team quickly went to work brainstorming their favorite St. Patrick’s Day treats.

“This is why I love my job as a food scientist,” comments food scientist Anna Grahm, “My work never fails to excite me!”

After narrowing their list, the food scientists presented potential ice cream flavors to specially selected focus groups.

“We thrive on constructive criticism. We really wanted input on whether or not certain flavor choices would be popular. The last thing we wanted was to produce another flop like last Christmas’s Fantastic Fruitcake,” Jo King says.

Once results were received from the focus groups, King and his team of Babcock food scientists went to work developing the most popular St. Patrick’s Day flavors. Customers can look forward to seeing options like Irish Soda Bread, Cabbage and Carrots, Golden Wonder (a very traditional, potato-flavored ice cream), Corned Beef and Bailey’s Irish Cream – which is projected to be very popular.

“I am especially excited for the public’s reaction to Corned Beef and Cabbage and Carrots. This was our first time experimenting with these savory ice cream flavors!” remarks food scientist Bill Loney.

When can fans of Babcock ice cream expect the new “Irish-inspired” choices to hit stores and stands?

“We will be releasing everything the week of March 17th so that the new flavors can be enjoyed on the holiday itself. We are working on promotional tactics right now,” King says.

(Note, this article is a satire meant to provide humor and comic relief to all readers.)