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The Wisconsin Engineer is published four times yearly in September, November, February, and April by the Wisconsin Engineering Journal Association. It has been in print since 1896. Subscription is $12 for one year.

The Wisconsin Engineer magazine is published by and for students at UW-Madison. Philosophies and opinions expressed in this magazine do not necessarily reflect those of the College of Engineering and its management. All interested students have an equal opportunity to contribute to this publication.

The group meets every other Wednesday night at 7:00 PM in EngineeringĀ Hall 2354. For more info mail us atĀ wiscengrmagazine@gmail.com.

All material in this publication is copyrighted. We are a member of the Associated Collegiate Press. Our faculty advisor is Professor Steven Zwickel, and our publisher is American Printing Co.


Our Fall 2015 Staff


  1. Alex Belich
  2. Kelsey Bright
  3. Alex Chay
  4. Jacob Free
  5. Nate Friar
  6. Brandon Grill
  7. Chris Hanko
  8. Matthew Latuszek
  9. Sara Manulik
  10. Anastasia Montgomery
  11. Kelsey Murphy
  12. Emily Morzewski
  13. Stephen Schwartz
  14. Jon Smet
  15. Yaman Sanger
  16. Brian Zhou


  1. Charles Fatunbi
  2. Matt Henricks
  3. Sakura Kawano
  4. Sumeet Katariya
  5. Kyle Pedersen
  6. Margo Labik
  7. Amber Liu
  8. Shu Pan
  9. Jielong Peng
  10. Seth Reuter
  11. Robin Ritchey
  12. Heather Schumaker
  13. Cody Schwartz
  14. Justin Williams
  15. Ryan Yan


  1. Brenden Pittman
  2. Paul Miller
  3. Matt Gullixson
  4. Tyler Libbey

Graphic Design

  1. Mohammad Aldolaijan
  2. Christopher Bradley
  3. Margaret Butzen
  4. Vicky Huang
  5. Maxwell Jin
  6. Helen Keyes
  7. Yangbo Shui
  8. Tanae Swenson
  9. Tushar Verma


  1. Mitch Samuels
  2. Sam Calmes


  1. Copy Editor: Olivia Grych
  2. Faculty Advisor: Steven Zwickel

Fall 2015 Staff Heads

A staffer
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